Friday, August 11, 2006

Application Database Security

In this post, I shall discuss the significance of database security and the security gotchas to consider. [I shall discuss the steps to take to mitigate these security risks in a separate post.]

Refer to the figure above. Note the following when viewing the figure:
a) The lower two machines viz. the bonafide client and the bonafide server represent the trustworthy systems.
b) The upper two machines represent bogus machines either physically or logically placed in your application environment.
c) Security considerations appear in red circles with numbers in them. viz. 1 through 6.

Security Considerations
(1) Database client subversion
(2) Database client impersonation (masquerade)
(3) Database server subversion
(4) Database server impersonation (masquerade)
(5) Vulnerabilities related to data flowing between the client and the server
(6) Vulnerabilities related to data stored on the database server

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